"The greatest gift is a passion for reading."

Help Us

We need you. Challenging times have made receiving complimentary copies of books for youths—especially books for children of color—problematic.
And so, we likely will have to purchase the books that are published specific to our targeted youths.

Additionally, there will be other costs associated with organizing the youth conferences—bus services, venues, food and beverage, etc.

This is where your generosity comes in. As a book lover and author—or someone who just wants to help in this ambitious endeavor—you understand how important it is to expose youths to the wonder of books and to help create young authors who will satisfy our literary pallets in the future.

Please click the Donate button on this page to make your TAX-DEDUCTIBLE contribution that will help us create young readers and authors.

Or send a check made out to NYBC and send to:

NYBC, Inc.

245 N. Highland Avenue N.E.

Suite 230-171

Atlanta, GA 30307

To say your help is appreciated is an understatement. THANK YOU!!!