"The greatest gift is a passion for reading."


The National Youth Book Conference is a nonprofit organization founded by Curtis Bunn, a journalist and author who in 2003 founded the National Book Club Conference, which grew into the leading annual literary event featuring African-American authors and readers.

With executive director Felita Bunn at the helm and an advisory board of accomplished educators from various backgrounds, the NYBC hosts events across the country that reinforces the power of reading to youths. Published authors of books for children and young adults lead the one-day conference with readings, book discussions and sessions on how to write a book.

Studies have shown that avid readers are among the smartest and most creative people—just what is needed as youths embark on the challenges of their next level of education and beyond.

Fiction reading helps take students to a place they are unfamiliar and helps create empathy and knowledge. Non-fiction reading teaches true-life stories about people and events that inform and influence. In both cases, continuous reading enhances young people in various ways as they prepare for college and beyond.